The pheasant is back

It’s official: the pheasant is back.

We, FASANA, are continuing to position ourselves for the future. Our more than 100-year tradition has been visible in the company name since the beginning of 2022: the former keeeper tableware GmbH became FASANA GmbH.

This month, we are taking the next steps: the pheasant will appear together with the word FASANA in our corporate brand.

The pheasant in all its glory – with its variety of colors and its gourmet elegance – was the inspiration for the founding of the Halstrick paper mill in 1919 by Adolf Halstrick, a passionate hunter. However, it was not until 1947 that the special animal made its first appearance, when the FASANA brand was developed, which from then on accompanied the napkin business of the then Halstrick OHG under the management of Walter Anton Viktor Halstrick. The variety of napkins produced in terms of shape, color and motifs was intended to be reminiscent of the magnificent plumage of the pheasant. However, Walter Halstrick was not only interested in the visual attributes of the name, but was also well versed in mythology. Here, the pheasant is seen as a bringer of luck and prosperity, it unfolds wealth and beauty and is a symbol that projects and plans will be successful. The pheasant was proved right.

In addition to the newly registered trademark, our company claim “Hospitality in every napkin” will support us in driving our mission and vision forward in all our business activities, both internally and externally. If we – as ambassadors for hospitality – are enthusiastic about the napkin, it will also inspire our customers and their customers. We have it in our hands today what our customers will use in the future – whether at a romantic candlelight dinner, at breakfast with the family, at the currywurst on the corner or as a little helper for spontaneous greetings. We connect people and offer hospitality in every napkin. We are driven by our mission “Simply fibrous”, because we focus on our strength: we live napkins and do so with every single one of our fibers.

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